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Released games

Box Shooter

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like shooting lasers through your eyes? Now you can experience it! In this shooter simulator you shoot boxes and stars to collect points and extra time! How long can you last?

Box Shooter is a one player game for Gear VR and Go.

Games in development

Crystal Corruption: Reclamation

Power comes at a price - what will you sacrifice, morality or strength? Crystal Corruption: Reclamation is a fast paced stylish action metroidvania roguelike with unique character skills and choices. Defeat a shard touched enemy and make them your ally, or send them into oblivion and power up your character. Every shard touch encounter will change the game, so make sure to find every one! Epic battles await in this game coming 2024 for console and PC.

Crystal Corruption

Crystal Corruption 1 is a local couch co-op PvPvE game where you corrupt minions and make them battle for you. All the while your enemies try do do the same and it becomes a chaotic fun tug-of-war. Play in the world Zianethra with iconic characters and empower your ally with unique skills based on your character choice. Play as King Cederic, Sir Bayum Lightfeather, Loketh and many more!

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