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Crystal Corruption

The story of Crystal Corruption

In a world of magic and prosperity,
the once beloved king and his kingdom fall into despair when the king’s wife suddenly passes away under mysterious circumstances. Determined to revive her he uses all resources at his disposal resulting in a kingdom in decay. His betrayal of the people led to their betrayal of him and ultimately to his death.

Because of these events, one young scholar set out to find a cure for the violence and greed that ravaged the lands. Years pass and a crystal with the purpose of absorbing void energy in peoples hearts was created. Peace and prosperity would from now on reign, or so he thought.

During what later became known as The cleansing, the crystal becomes unstable and shatters into a million pieces. Each piece flies in a random direction, with unimaginable speed. Any creature, living or dead, hit by such a shard is however not instantly killed. Instead, all greed and violence crystallised in the crystal shard would instead be infused into its host. And so begins the wars over the lands, led by the people corrupted by the crystal.

The world Zian

About AmberWing

AmberWing is a small indie game development company based in Norrköping, Sweden. We are currently working hard to bring you a brand new gaming experience – The universe of Crystal Corruption. Our mission is to create unique and innovative games to challenge and bring out the best in our players. 

We also provide outsourced game development services. Our artists, programmers, designers and project managers work enthusiastically on internal projects as well as projects of other studios.